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In the food & drinks industry it’s becoming increasingly important to know exactly what is in your product, in every supermarket in England will now almost certainly have a gluten free isle, with this in mind, Trafalgar Scientific are delighted to be able to offer Romer labs allergen testing kits, AgraStrip.

The AgraStrip Allergen test kits are immunological rapid test in later flow format for the detection of allergens in food, rinse waters and environmental swabs. Lateral flow devices are a very fast and easy to use on-site detection method for traces of food allergens. The AgraStrip tests form a system allowing on-site detection of multiple food allergens.

Competitive Advantages

Fast – 11 minutes time to result

Sensitive – LOD in low ppm

Stable – 12 months shelf life at room temperature

Cost effective – 10 single sample tests

User friendlyReady to use components, no additional equipment needed

Technical Specs
Ingredients / Manufacturing Materials Kits include – 10 ArgraStrip test strips,
1 Dropper Bottle containing 35 mL Extraction Solution,
10 extraction tubes and caps,
10 Incubation Vials with ready to use antibodies,
10 extraction tube dropper tips,
10 swabs,
1 stand for incubation vials.
Product Variance Almond Kit - COKAL0710AS
β-Lactoglobulin Kit - COKAL1010AS
Brazil Nut Kit - COKAL1710AS
Casein Kit - COKAL1210AS
Cashew/Pistachio Kit - COKAL1310AS
Crustacea Kit - COKAL2210AS
Egg Kit - COKAL1810AS
Gluten Kit - COKAL0210AS
Gluten G12 Kit - COKAL0200AS
Hazelnut Kit - COKAL0310AS
Lupin Kit - COKAL1510AS
Macadamia Nut Kit - COKAL1610AS
Milk Kit - COKAL2410AS
Mustard Kit - COKAL2110AS
Peanut Kit - COKAL0110AS
Sesame Kit - COKAL1910AS
Soy Kit - COKAL0410AS
Walnut Kit - COKAL0910AS


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