Colony Counters


Obtain high quality analyses and a full traceability. We offer premium quality colony counter scans from reputable brands. High technology automatic colony counters with a digital camera and high technology software, they can be linked to a PC via a USB connection. They count all colonies on a Petri dish in less than 1 second and provide a complete, fast, accurate and traceable reading of the result.

Description Price Quantity
colony counter adapter for petri dish Colony Counter Adapter for 55mm Plates Each 436 005 Please Login
31e2db66f85299de7b48ddb2f4b8f1 (1) Colony Counter Scan 100 435 000 Please Login
SCAN300-700x700 Colony Counter Scan 300 436 300 Please Login
COL3220 Colony Counter Stuart SC6 Plus SC6PLUS Please Login
scan 1200 colony counter Scan® 1200 Automatic Color Colony Counter Each 437 000 Please Login


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