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24-hour detection of enterococci

Detects enterococci in a 100 ml format. Results in 24 hours.


The Enterolert® Test gives you accurate results overnight so you can act quickly to protect the public and public resources

Discover enterococci contamination in half the time of standard methods.

Reopen beaches in just 24 hours.

Eliminate tedious membrane filtration work.


Enterolert: Be confident in your outcomes


  • No media preparation
  • No autoclaving
  • No colony counting
  • No glassware cleaning


  • Less than 1 minute of hands-on time
  • Results in 24 hours rather than 48 to 72 hours


  • Sensitive to 1 enterococci/100 ml
  • Enumerates up to 2,419 enterococci per 100 ml without dilutions (with Quanti-Tray/2000).
  • Less subjective interpretation
  • 50% fewer false positives and 95% fewer false negative than the standard filtration (MF) method.


  • Up to 12-month shelf life minimises waste
  • 24 hour test saves incubator space
Technical Specs
Ingredients / Manufacturing Materials See downloads for more details or contact us either through – or calling us on 0116 287 9460
Product Variance 98/06159-00 Vessels 120ml with Sodium Thiosulphate Pk 200,
98/06160/00 Vessels 120ml without Sodium Thiosulphate pk 200,
98/06161/00 Vessels 120ml with Anti Foam - No Sodium Thiosulphate pk200,
98/09203/00 Vessels 120ml with Sodium Thiosulphate pk 20,
98/09220/00 Vessels 120ml With Sodium Thiosulphate & Shrink Band Pk 20,
98/09221/00 Vessels 120ml with Sodium Thiosulphate & Shrink Band Pk 200,
98/09529/00 Enterolert E 100ml Pk 20,
98/09530/00 Enterolert E 100ml Pk 200,
98/18072/00 Enterolert DW Pk 20,
98/18074/00 Enterolert DW Pk 200,
98/21374/00 Entrolert 100ml Pk 20,
98/21375/00 Entrolert 100ml Pk 200,
98/21378/00 Quanti-tray 51-Well pk 100,


  • Product Code: ENTEROLERT

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