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Sample preparation with the Dilucup System      

LabRobot Products AB has invented, developed and patented a new concept that makes serial dilutions easier, safer, quicker and cost-effective. Using the Dilucup System you simply:

  • Add the requested number of prefilled Dilucup  in the Dilushaker.
  • Tear off the protective film
  •  Add 1 ml sample to the first Dilucup
  • Start the shaker by moving your hand in front of the optic sensor
  •  When the Dilushaker stops, the 1:10 dilution is ready.
  • With a new pipette tip, collect 1 ml from the first cup and release it into the second cup in order to perform the next dilution (1:100).
  • Start the shaker by moving your hand in front of the optic sensor.
  • Repeat this operation until the final dilution rate is reached.


Some years ago, the common way to dilute microbiological samples 1:10, 1:100, 1:1000, etc. was to prepare own test tubes. These tubes were filled with a diluent (for example Pepton-Salt), sterilized in an autoclave and then stored in a fridge. After use, the tubes needed to be emptied and washed in order to be ready to be filled again. This process was both time consuming and expensive. It could also happen that evaporation during autoclaving was uncontrolled, thus generating volume deviations able to affect the accuracy of the analysis.

The Dilucup System allows a real standardisation of the dilution process and reduces the variability between technicians, usually observed in traditional microbiology.



The Dilushaker III Digital has been developed in order to guaranty a smooth and effective use of Dilucups.  Every instrument has the following specifications:

  • Adjustable shaking time from 1 to 15 seconds per dilution step
  • Adjustable rotation speed (400, 500 or 600 rpm)
  • Extractible tray for easy cleaning
  • Ramp with LED lights to guide the user
  • Adjustable direction of the ramp to suit both right- and left-handers
  • Adjustable number of dilution steps per sample
  • Steering by foot switch or optical sensor
Technical Specs
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Product Variance 40DCMRD3 - Dilucup MRD 9ml 20 blisters of 7 x 3 cups Pk420,
40DCMRD6 – Dilucup MRD 9ml 10 blisters of 7 x 6 cups Pk420,
40DS42PR – Dilushaker III Digital with LED ramp 7 x 6 cups Each,


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