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Trafalgar Scientific and LIA are proud to offer you an extensive range of quality Dipslides (microbiological diagnostic tests). We work in conjunction with one of Europe's largest and well respected manufacturers who have been a leading authority on microbiological testing for many years and are leading the way forward in Dipslide technology. 

An invisible enemy is far deadlier than one you can see. Bacteria are all around us and in vast numbers. Some of these are harmless and others can cause problems to people and machinery, which can be expensive or life threatening.

The Dipslide can help unmask that invisible enemy. The Dipslide can replace the lengthy traditional methods of testing and is safe, reliable, economical and fast at giving an indication of the presence of bacteria.

Dipslides Features

  • Large paddle for easy reading.
  • Flexible paddle for maximum surface contact. 
  • Airtight Easy To Use lid.
  • Conveniently boxed in 10’s. 
  • Comparative chart provided.
Technical Specs
Ingredients / Manufacturing Materials See downloads for more details or contact us either through – or calling us on 0116 287 9460
Product Variance BT2 – Dipslides TVC on both sides Pk10,
BT2N – Dipslides TVC on both sides W. Neautraliser Pk10,
BTM2 – Dipslides TVC/Yeast & Mould Pk10,
BV – Dipslides Staphylococci/Entro Baird Parker/VRBGA Pk10,
PC2Tq – Dipslides PCA w. TTC Red Spot Dye Pk10,
PCV – Dipslides TVC/Enterobacteriacea Pk10,
RBS – Dipslides TSA w. TTC & RBA for Y & M Pk10,
SCNT – Dipslides Pk10,
SCT – Dipslides TVC/Coliforms PCA/MacConkey Pk10,
TP – Dipslides TP Pseudomonas Pk10,
TV – Dipsildes TV Enterobacteriacea Pk10,


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