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Do you need to detect low levels of raw pork residues on food-contact surfaces?

Bio-Check (UK) has developed a fast and sensitive test for the detection of raw pork on surfaces

  • suitable for evaluating the effectiveness of cleaning
  • takes less than 8 minutes to perform thereby assisting decision-making
  • detects low µg levels of raw pork proteins for greater certainty on cleaning effectiveness                         
  • innovative swab design & test unit makes performing the test very simple and easy
  • long shelf-life and no equipment requirements, to maximise the utility of the test

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Bio-Check (UK) has developed rapid, on-site FlowThrough™ tests for raw meat adulteration and it also distributes ELISA Technologies Inc products. With its extensive experience in this specialist field its products are used by labs and meat processors throughout the UK and overseas, our tests are effective and efficient, designed to help you comply with both UK and international food regulations.

The ELISA kits qualitatively detect meat species in fresh and cooked, minced and other comminuted meat products. They all use a simple ELISA sandwich assay format for detection at the 1% level. Further they can be easily automated for even greater testing efficiency.

Raw Meat ELISA kits

Elisa-Tek® Raw Meat Species Kits have been formatted and refined for ease-of-use to aid in resolution of species content. They are designed to enable labs to analyse raw meat species content in order to meet or exceed relevant guidelines and legislation.

They are suitable for testing animal species content in uncooked meats and meat products.

  • Specific for: serum albumin protein
  • Limit of Detection: Substantially below 1% for meat (all species)
  • Below 5% for milk (relevant species only)
  • Tests per Kit: Up to 45 samples in duplicate
  • Hands-on-time: 10 minutes (for sample preparation/extraction), 60 minutes (for immunoassay procedure)
  • Kit Format: 96 microwell plate system (12 strips of 8 wells)
  • Additional equipment: Micro-pipettes (50-100μL), wash bottle/plate reader

Technical Specs
Ingredients / Manufacturing Materials Push-cap tube with yellow extraction solution
Sample scoop
Separation disk
Self measuring pipette
Screw-cap tube containing diluent liquid
RMFT unit in foil pouch with desiccant
Cotton bud
Pink colour reagent in coloured cap tube
Product Variance R60051 – Horse
R60053 - Pig
R60056 - Cow
R60058 – Poultry
R60060 – Sheep
R60062 – Chicken (Currently in development)
Size See downloads for more details or contact us either through – or calling us on 0116 287 9460


  • Product Code: meat speciation

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