Laboratory and Analytical equipment Special Offers - Trafalgar Scientific Ltd


Description Price Quantity
Alkalinity M (Alkaphot M) 0-500mg/l CaCO3 Pk 250 AP250 Please Login
bea1116 Beaker 100ml Low Form Glass Pk 10 BEA11080 Please Login
images Blades Carbon Steel Post Mortem N/S Pk 50 PM0060 Please Login
images Blades Carbon Steel Surgical No 26 N/S Pk 100 0113 Please Login
Bottles 1ltr Glass Alpha Clear Pk 20 BOT2030 Please Login
Bottles 250ml N/S Water Sampling PP Undosed (NO CAP) Pk 216 392140 Please Login
Bottles 250ml Simax with GL45 Screw Cap and Ring Each BOT5306 Please Login
Bottles 30ml HDPE Amber Wide Mouth Pk 12 BOT2260 Please Login
Bottles 40ml PP Cap Vials pk 100 B7950-B Please Login
Bottles 500ml HDPE Amber Wide Mouth Pk 6 BOT2268 Please Login
Bottles Dispensing 250ml Glass Pk 2 BOT5602 Please Login
PP0060 Brilliant Green Agar (Modified) 90mm PP Plates Pk 10 PP0060 Please Login
Cap 10mm Aluminium Crimp Car with Septa pk 1000 5140-20 Please Login
Caps 22mm White Urea with EPE Liner Pk 1000 300208 Please Login
Caps Chromacol Crimp top 11-AC7 Pk 500 VGA-104-507T Please Login
bot5272 Caps DURAN® GL32 PP Tamper Proof For N/M Square Bottles Pk10 BOT5270 Please Login
Caps for Bottles Tamper Proof 392140/395240 pk 1400 392160 Please Login
Cefixime Rhamnose Sorbitol MacConkey Agar 500g CM1005B Please Login
Chromacol Vial 2ml Clear Screw Top Wide Neck Pk 500 VGA-050-500H Please Login
combitsart funner Combisart® Funnel Individual S/Steel Funnel Holder 1 x 500ml 16201 Please Login


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