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Hettich Centrifuge Mikro 220R


FAST AND FLEXIBLE The MIKRO 220 spins at an unmatched speed of 18,000 RPM and delivers an RCF of 31,514 in just 26 seconds. Ultimate flexibi-lity is provided by a choice of 7 different rotors from 0.2 ml micro-liter tubes to 50 ml conical tubes, allowing for numerous research applications on a single machine. This unit is available with refrigeration and a temperature range from -20 °C to +40 °C (MIKRO 220 R).

HIGHLIGHTS - RPM: 500 - 18,000 min -1 Adjustable in increments of 10 - max. RCF: 31,514 - max. capacity: 60 x 2.0 ml - Compact, high-performance microlitre centrifuge - Choice of 7 rotors - IvD-conform according to directive 98/79/EC - impulse key for short cycle mode - easy operation with keypad and control knob - impulse key for short cycle mode - 9 program memories for more individuality - 9 individual acceleration and deceleration stages - model 220 R coolable from -20 to +40 °C with pre-cooling function

FEATURES - metal housing and lid - viewing port in the lid - powered lid lock - lid dropping protection - emergency lid lock release - stainless steel chamber - automatic rotor recognition - brushless drive - error display - imbalance switch-off - backlit panel with actual values of all parameters - auditory message after completion of the centrifugation run

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