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Description Price Quantity
REF2214 Biocold Freezer Underbench 110L Sparkfree with Lock REF2214 Please Login
REF2206 Biocold Underbench +2 to +8 Refridgerator Sparkfree - 170L REF2206 Please Login
REF2204 Biocold Underbench +2 to +8 Refrigerator Sparkfree - 130L REF2204 Please Login
REF2222 Biocold Upright +2 to +8 Refrigerator Sparkfree - 350L REF2222 Please Login
REF1992 Freezer LEC 85ltr ISU111 REF1992 Please Login
REF2222 Fridge 170l sparkfree without lock REF2216 Please Login
REF2222 Fridge 170l sparkfree+lock REF2218 Please Login
REF2116 LEC Chest Freeezer 296ltr -45c CLT296 REF2116 Please Login
REF2114 Lec Chest freezer 140ltr -45c CLT140 REF2114 Please Login
Lec Fridge 288L LSR288 +2 to +10C operating range REF4046AP Please Login
REF4054 Lec Laboratory Freezer 151ltr LSF151 REF4054 Please Login
REF4056 Lec Laboratory Freezer 232ltr LSF232 REF4056 Please Login
REF4050 Lec Laboratory Freezer ISU27C REF4050 Please Login
REF4020 Lec Pharmacy Fridge PG102 REF4020 Please Login
REF4032 Lec Pharmacy Fridge PG1607 REF4032 Please Login
REF4024 Lec Pharmacy Fridge PG307 REF4024 Please Login
REF4026 Lec Pharmacy Fridge 151ltr Glass Door PGR151 REF4026 Please Login
Lec Pharmacy Fridge 151ltr Glass Door PGRC151 REF4027 Please Login
REF4008 Lec Pharmacy Fridge 151ltr PSR151 REF4008 Please Login
Lec Pharmacy Fridge 151ltr PSRC151 REF4009 Please Login
REF4028 Lec Pharmacy Fridge 273Ltr Glas Door PGR273 REF4028 Please Login
REF4011 Lec Pharmacy Fridge 273ltr PSRC273 REF4011 Please Login
REF4030 Lec Pharmacy Fridge 334ltr Glass door PGR353UK REF4030 Please Login
Lec Pharmacy Fridge 334ltr PSR334 REF4013 Please Login


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