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Description Price Quantity
UV Lightbulbs Crystal UV Lightbulbs Crystal Each 245034 Please Login
microscope Microscope GXM-SMART Stand Binocular Head each 0776 Please Login
Microscope GXML3200BLED Biological Upright Each 4109 Please Login
trinocular Microscope GXML2800 Standard 4 Objectives Trinocular Each 0778 Please Login
microscope biological Microscope GXML1000A Biological Upright Each GXML1000A Please Login
microscope GXM XDS Microscope GXM XDS-5 Inverted Tissue each 0456 Please Login
Microscope Camera 3 Megapixel to fit 23.2,30 & 30.5mm Tubes 0441 Please Login
Microscope Biological Upright Each 4420 Please Login
Microscope Bulb For Olympus H12609 240/20W Each BA15D Please Login
Microscope Leica DM760 Biological Upright each LEIDM750 Please Login
Microscope Phototube Adapter 23.2mm GXMAD23.2MML 4291 Please Login
Microscope Slide Blotting Paper 89mmx140mm Pk 1000 TS/100-20 Please Login
Microscope Trinocular Biological GTC10 LED Illumination Each GTC10 Please Login
Microscope Upright Biological - Trinocular head each L3200 Please Login
Microscope Upright with 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X each GXML3000AHBGLED Please Login
microscope gxm smart Microscope with Binocular Head each GXM-SMARTB Please Login
GX_Microscopes_Eyepiece_ID5021_with_Scale_Focussing_from_GT_Vision__ml Microscope X10 Focussing Eyepiece 10mm Reticle for L3200 9097 Please Login
UV Replacement Fluorescent Bulb 6W (9") each 98/20960/01 Please Login


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