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Microscope with Binocular Head each


The new GXM-SMART microscope is GX Microscopes' latest modern design, economically priced, infinity optics, routine & university teaching grade biological upright microscope. Providing excellent quality images to the widefield eyepieces (fn20) and any attached camera system through its infinity corrected optical system. Includes options for phase contrast, darkfield and magnifications ranging from 40x –1600X with the 16X eyepieces option. This microscope has a modern design stand and can have up to four infinity semi-plan (SP) achromatic objectives.

Binocular head (optional trinocular) with interpupiliary adjustment and diopter adjustment Pair 10X widefield FN20 Eyepieces All objectives are infinity Corrected Semi-Plan (SP) Achromatic Reversed quadruple nosepiece, infinity corrected optics with 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X Oil, wide barrel plan achromatic objectives (20X optional) Mechanical stage, coaxial coarse/fine focus knobs, Abbe condenser on rack & pinion, stable stand Bright white LED adjustable light Large range of accessories including darkfield condensers, phase kits Compact, extremely robust, modern, ergonomic stand including integrated carry handle and cord winder, specifically designed for university and college teaching laboratories

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