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Price Range
min price
max price
Description Price Quantity
SHA2502 Digital Orbital Shaker SHA2502 Please Login
SHA2078 Dish Attachment for SHA20702 SHA2078 Please Login
SHA2076 Fixing Clip Attachment SHA2076 Please Login
SHA4215 Flask Clamp 5ltr SHA4215 Please Login
SHA2082 Funnel Attachment for SHA20702 SHA2082 Please Login
SHA2080 Funnel Attachment for SHA20702 SHA2080 Please Login
SHA2084 Funnel Attachment for SHA20702 SHA2084 Please Login
SHA7912 Grant 4 Plate Platform SHA7912 Please Login
SHA7924 Grant Block For 0.5-1. 5ml Tubes for PHMT SHA7924 Please Login
SHA7948 Grant Block for 20 x 0.2ml and 12 x 1.5ml microtubes SHA7948 Please Login
SHA7944 Grant Block for 20 x 0.5ml and 12 x 1.5ml microtubes SHA7944 Please Login
SHA7943 Grant Block for 24 x 1.5ml microtubes SHA7943 Please Login
SHA7946 Grant Block for 24 x 2.0ml microtubes SHA7946 Please Login
SHA7934_1 Grant Flat platfrom 219x219mm SHA7934 Please Login
SHA7940 Grant Micro tube AND micro plate thermo-shaker with cooling SHA7940 Please Login
SHA7910 Grant Microplate Shaker SHA7910 Please Login
SHA7900 Grant Microplate Thermo shakerholds 2 standard microplates SHA7900 Please Login
SHA7980 Grant Microplate thermo-shaker for 4 x 96- or 384-well plates SHA7980 Please Login
SHA7962 Grant Microtube thermo-shaker supplied with PSC18 block SHA7962 Please Login
SHA7966_1 Grant Microtube thermo-shaker supplied with PSC24 block SHA7966 Please Login
SHA7963_1 Grant Microtube thermo-shaker supplied with PSC32 block SHA7963 Please Login
SHA7965_1 Grant Microtube thermo-shaker supplied with PSC96 block SHA7965 Please Login
SHA7930 Grant Orbital Shaker PSU-10i SHA7930 Please Login
SHA7928 Grant Orbital Shaker PSU-20i SHA7928 Please Login


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