DiluFlow® Pro Single Pump 5kg Gravimetric Dilutor - Trafalgar Scientific Ltd

DiluFlow® Pro Single Pump 5kg Gravimetric Dilutor each

502 105

UNIQUE FEATURES - Ultra low profile: Only 30 cm ! Perfect for a laminar flow. - GeckoGrip System (Patented): holds the bag in all conditions - Up to 6 pumps with 4 connectable pumps - Light Code: intuitive indicator of the status - Removable DripTray (Patented) - Multi-dispensing mode (Patented) with handy gun

FAST - World’s fastest: only 8 s* to dispense 225 mL - Distribution and weighing functions in 1 - Superior quality Watson MarlowTM pumps

GREAT ERGONOMICS - Robotic arm: drop the sample safely and easily - Removable DripTray (Patented) - Magnetic BagOpen® (Patented shape)

TRACEABILITY - 24 editable programs - Bidirectionnal connectivity - Full traceability: printer, ExcelTM, CSV and LIMS

HIGH STANDARDS - In compliance with ISO 7218 and ISO 6887-1 standards - Made in France: ISO 9001 2008 standards

AVAILABLE IN: - DiluFlow® Elite single pump, 5 kg (ref. 503 105) - DiluFlow® Elite double pump, 5 kg (ref. 503 205)

*Dilution time for a 25 g sample diluted at 1/10 with booster kit in fast mode.

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