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EasySpiral® Dilute Automatic Diluter and Plater Each

414 000

COMPACT - 40 cm wide, can be used inside and outside a laminar flow - Stainless steel housing

HIGH SPEED AUTOMATION - Fast rotating arm - 1 disinfection, 5 dilutions and 1 plating in 134 sec. Patented

HIGH PRECISION - Glass syringe typical accuracy of 0.5 % - No more pipet calibration

AUTOMATIC DISINFECTION - Overflow technology cleaning system - No cross contamination Patented

ONE-TOUCH PLATING - Choose from 4 plating modes - Plate on 55, 90 and 150 mm Petri dishes

EASY SERIAL DILUTION - Choose your dilutions factor - Do 10-5 dilution or more automatically - No more 9 mL tube preparation Patented

CLEANING AUTONOMY - 2 fully autoclavable bottles (diluent & disinfectant) and connectors

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