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Dual sensor PT100.50 temperature probe for IKA RET control-visc stirrer


A premium hotplate stirrer, the new RET® Control-visc from IKA is a world’s first; a safety magnetic stirrer with heating and integrated weighing function with a number of additional new elements:

Easy operation and user friendly TFT display ensure easy control of key parameters via two rotating knobs and all the key data is displayed on the TFT display including set/actual temperature and speed. In addition, up to three used defined parameters can also be displayed and heating options available include rapid heating or very accurate temperature control.

The innovative heating plate incorporates a new composite structure that helps ensure fast heating times and there are two option in terms of plate material, a stainless steel for maximum heat transfer and a white ceramic coated plate for improved chemical resistance. Integrated temperature control enables connection of a temperature probe which can be placed directly in the medium to control medium temperature, a PT 100 temperature sensor is included with the stirrer.

Housing is fully sealed to IP42 to protect the electronics and incorporates drains in the event of an overflow situation

Integrated and patented weighing function for simple weighing tasks up to 5,000g

Torque trend measurement so that relative viscosities and changes in viscosity can be measured and displayed on the TFT screen

Stirring bar decoupling detection stops stirring briefly when the stirring bar decouples and the automatically restarts at the set speed when it re-couples

RS 232 and USB interface enables pc control of the magnetic stirrer and documentation of all test parameters and allows for firmware updates to be installed

The current temperature is displayed on the unit when it is switched off if the surface is still hot, below 50 °C the display turns off automatically

Key features and benefits include

Integrated weighing function BNC socket for connection of a pH electrode Adjustable temperature control mode: rapid heating or very accurate temperature control Optional dual sensor for simultaneous control of heat transfer fluid temperature and medium temperature Display of viscosity change trend Detached magnet detection Several modes of operation available which can control access to parameters Safety circuit adjustable from 50 to 380°C Transparent protective cover included Error code display for easy troubleshooting Exact temperature and speed adjustment by means of digital display; even when function is switched off Suitable for unsupervised operation Sealed casing (IP 42) ensures a long service life

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