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Water Baths

Price Range
min price
max price
Description Price Quantity
BAT5032 Adjustable Tray for 12L Bath BAT5032 Please Login
BAT5034 Adjustable Tray for 18L Bath BAT5034 Please Login
BAT5036 Adjustable Tray for 26L Bath BAT5036 Please Login
BAT5038 Adjustable Tray for 48L Bath BAT5038 Please Login
BAT5030 Adjustable Tray for 8L Bath BAT5030 Please Login
BAT1005 Bath Armor 4 Litre BAT1005 Please Login
BAT7520 Bath stirring cylindrical BAT7520 Please Login
BAT1906 Bath Ultrasonic QS10 10.5ltr BAT1906 Please Login
BAT1908 Bath Ultrasonic QS12 14ltr BAT1908 Please Login
BAT1910 Bath Ultrasonic QS18 18.5ltr BAT1910 Please Login
BAT1912 Bath Ultrasonic QS25 25ltr BAT1912 Please Login
BAT1900 Bath Ultrasonic QS3 2.75ltr BAT1900 Please Login
BAT1904 Bath Ultrasonic QS5 4.5ltr BAT1904 Please Login
Circular Boiling Bath 203mm dia Aluminium Circular Boiling Bath 203mm dia Aluminium BAT1002 Please Login
BAT2604 Clifton Bath 14L Digital Unstirred NE3-14DT BAT2604 Please Login
BAT2606 Clifton Bath 28L Digital Unstirred NE3-28DT BAT2606 Please Login
BAT2600 Clifton Bath 4L Digital Unstirred NE3-4DT BAT2600 Please Login
BAT2602 Clifton Bath 8L Digital Unstirred NE3-8DT BAT2602 Please Login
BAT7214 Clifton DuoBath 4L + 22L Tanks unstirred without lid BAT7214 Please Login
BAT7210 Clifton DuoBath 4L + 4L Tanks unstirred without lid BAT7210 Please Login
BAT7212 Clifton DuoBath 4L + 8L Tanks unstirred without lid BAT7212 Please Login
BAT7216_1 Clifton DuoBath 8L +  22L Tanks unstirred without lid BAT7216 Please Login
BAT7070 Clifton Hinged Gabled Lid for 8 + 10 Litre Baths BAT7071 Please Login
BAT7005 Clifton NE1 Bath 14L Unstirred without lid BAT7005 Please Login


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