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Clifton NE4 P 28L Stirred Bath


NE4-28P Circulating water bath.

Trafalgar code BAT7306.

The NE4-P Clifton stirred pumped water baths feature a digital PID temperature controller with a bold bright LED display of measured temperature in real time and in increments of +/-0.1°C.

Designed for immersion of flasks, bottles and racks in an accurate temperature environment throughout the water bath. Efficient water movement and temperature control provides accurate temperature stability throughout the water bath.

Pump capacity is 10 Litres/minute, 150 mbar. Inlet and outlet ports take 4mm bore x 6mm o/d tubing.

When a low liquid level is detected a FILL message automatically appears and heating is suspended. Over and under temperature alarms automatically protect samples in the water bath. Audible and visual over temperature alarm cut out.

Temperature range ambient + 5°C – 99°C.

Sensitivity +/- 0.05°C.

Uniformity +/- 0.01°C.

Timer variable 00.01 to 99.59 hh:mm.

The thermostirrer is manufactured from stainless steel for durability. Painted surfaces feature a tough anti bacterial finish with good chemical resistance. Easy to use controls which are wipe clean and have an anti bacterial finish. Immersed components are corrosion resistant. The efficient stirrer is quiet in use and provides excellent temperature stability. Indication of heating, over temperature alarm and timer running.

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