StSteel Hinged Lid for 2228L Baths Clifton - Trafalgar Scientific Ltd

StSteel Hinged Lid for 2228L Baths Clifton


Stainless steel hinged gable lid 22/28 Litres

Trafalgar code BAT7162

Clifton stainless steel hinged gable lids reduces evaporation, assists in keeping samples in a water bath free from contamination and saves energy. These stainless steel gable lids with a high profile design allows extended use of the bath, right into the edges of the tank. No drip points and condensate returns back into the bath.

Hinged lids have a number of benefits in use over lift off lids, these simply hinge open. Any condensation collects in the lid. Samples can be easily removed or placed in the water bath. Close the lid and all the collected condensate runs into the rear of the water bath. No mess.

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