Capital Equipment suitable for brewery analyses - Trafalgar Scientific Ltd

Capital Equipment

Description Price Quantity
download (2) Beer Haze Turbidity meter, USEPA compliant model, 230 VAC ea HI-847492-02 Please Login
lmc-3000_sm Centrifuge Benchtop 0-3000rpm 12 x 2-50ml tubes/2 x plates LMC-3000 Please Login
cou9000 Coverslips 22x25mm for Counting Chamber HAE2030 Pk 10 HAE2130 Please Login
org_14267760216798303545 (1) Genesig Q16 Real-time PCR Machine Each GENESIG-Q16 Please Login
hae2100 Haemocytometer Chambers Neubauer Plain Double Each HAE2112 Please Login
hettiche incubator Incubator 150ltr HettCube 200 2 Shelves Each 62000 Please Login
HettCube 400 Incubator 310ltr HettCube 400 3 Shelves 64000 Please Login
hettcube incubator large Hettcube Incubator 520ltr 600 220-240V Including 4 Shelves Each 66000 Please Login
mic3800 Micro Slides 76x26mm x 1mm Standard Plain Pk 50 ML375-10 Please Login
Microscope Biological Upright Each 4420 Please Login
case Mini Incubator each XX06 Please Login
download (1) Moisture Analyser Max Capacity 35g 0.001g Readability Each MA35M-000230V1 Please Login
download (3) Refractometer for General Purpose Sugars Each HI-96801 Please Login
lmc-3000_sm Rotor with open plastic adaptors for 6 x 50ml tubes R-6 Please Login


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