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Beer Haze Turbidity meter, USEPA compliant model, 230 VAC ea


The HI-847492-02 is an auto diagnostic haze in beer meter. This instrument features a different measuring unit or light source to comply with different standard requirements.

HI-847492-02 is specially designed, according with the ASBC (American Society of Brewing Chemist) standard requirements, for haze in beer measurements.

This instrument can compensate the beer colour to guarantee accurate readings during the brewing process; also for the darkest beer samples.

The optical system, consisting of an LED and multiple detectors, assures low power consumption, long term stability and minimises the need of frequent calibration. Calibration can be anyway easily performed at any time in two, three or four points using the supplied or user prepared standards.

These meters have all the necessary GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) functions to allow maximum traceability of data like a real time clock, log-on-demand (up to 200 measurements), and Fast Tracker—Tag Identification System to give all recorded data a location, time and date stamp.

It has a continuous measurement mode to verify the settling rate of suspended matter, and a signal average (AVG) mode to accumulate multiple readings giving a final average value. The AVG routine is particularly useful to measure samples with suspended particles with different dimensions. It features a user-friendly interface, with a large backlit LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Acoustic signals and displayed codes to guide the user step by step through routine operations. This valuable splash proof portable turbidity meter is supplied in a rigid carrying case that offers protection for harsh environments.

Key Features Utilises Fast Tracker—Tag Identification System LED optical system USB connection - PC compatible Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Log-on-demand Large, backlit LCD

Order Information: HI-847492 is supplied with HI 98501-1 Checktemp thermometer, Checktemp instruction manual, (6) sample cuvettes and caps, (4) calibration cuvettes (HI-847492-11), (4) 25 mL glass vials with caps, tissue for wiping the cuvettes, (4) 1.5V AA batteries, AC adaptor, instruction manual, instrument quality certificate, rigid carrying case and instructions.

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