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READSENSOR Small Case Each


ReadSensor® is a portable hand held instrument designed to electronically read results from all Unisensor test strips. ReadSensor® interprets, quantifies and records test strip results. Simple to operate, ReadSensor® provides objectivity, convenience and the ability to store and export test data to a printer or personal computer.

The ReadSensor is an optical reader adapted for the reading of all regular dipsticks manufactured by Unisensor. The ReadSensor offers many characteristics to create a personalized reading in various situations:

Precision: excellent repeatability, long-term stability, and precise calibration of the device.

Portability: small, light, usable autonomously with batteries and capable of storing up to 100 measurements. The ReadSensor can be used in the field.

Connectivity: connecting and transferring your results to a computer is easy with the USB port. The softwares supplied with the reader are user friendly. A barcode scanner can be connected to the ReadSensor in case the upload of a kit-specific reading methods is necessary.

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