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Bottles and Caps

PPE Type
Pack Size
Pack Qty
Neck Size
Price Range
min price
max price
Description Price Quantity
cap1000 Bacti Caps PP 16mm Blue for Test Tubes Pk 100 CAP1016 Please Login
cap1000 Bacti Caps PP 16mm Yellow for Test Tubes Pk 100 CAP1018 Please Login
tub0124 Caps 16mm Polyethylene for Test Tubes Pk 1000 TUB0124 Please Login
Caps Aluminium R3/28 Rubber Wad Pk 1000 400211M Please Login
bot5230 Caps PP 45mm Blue for Duran Bottles Pk 10 BOT5234 Please Login
bot2060 Caps PP R3/28 Black pk 100 BOT2060 Please Login
Caps PP R3/38 With Liner Black Pk 100 BR338EPE Please Login
download (3) Caps PP White Screw Thread R3/58 Unlined Pk 100 WR385UWL Please Login
Caps R3/58 Screw Thread with EPE Liner Pk 100 BR358EPE Please Login
via3258 Caps Target Snap it PTFE Rubber Liner for all 2ml Pk 100 VIA3260 Please Login
Mop Caps Pleated Double Elastic Pk 100 SAF9584 Please Login
image_12059 Photometer Cuvettes Caps 77mm tall 10ml grad Pk 5 PT595/5 Please Login
TUB1200 Vial 10.5ml Trident tall Screwcap Pk 399 TUB1206 Please Login
BOT3000 Azlon Bottle 30ml LDPE NM BOT3000 Please Login
BOT0360 Azlon Bottles square narrow neck polycarbonate 2000mL BOT0360 Please Login
21970004 Bottle 125ml Wide Neck 21970004 Please Login
s-l500 Bottle Narrow Mouth 15ml HDPE Sterile 342002-9050 Please Login
41vmRJ9KvZL._SX342_ Bottle PET Octagonal 250ml sterile Medical 431732 Please Login
41vmRJ9KvZL._SX342_ Bottle PET Octagonal 60ml sterile Medical 431730 Please Login
scientific-laboratory-supplies-polypropylene-391600-175409_medium Bottle Wide Mouth HDPE 500ml 21970016 Please Login
Cans 25ltr Plastic (UN Certified) Ext 60mm Cap Each P5209 Please Login
asp1200 Carboy 10ltr PP each ASP1200 Please Login
asp1200 Carboy 10ltr PP With Stopcock each ASP1206 Please Login
JGH148 Jerrycan 5ltr PE Azlon Each JGH148 Please Login


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