Cuvettes - Trafalgar Scientific Ltd


Description Price Quantity
COD Cuvette Test 100-200mg/L O2 Pk 25 LCK514 Please Login
COD Cuvette Test 15-150 mg/L O2 pk 25 LCK314 Please Login
CEL1012 Cuvettes 1.5-3.0ml Semi-Micro PS Pk 1000 CEL1012 Please Login
cel1034 Cuvettes 1.5ml Semi-Micro PS Pk 100 CEL1034 Please Login
cel1018 Cuvettes 2.5-4.5ml Macro PS Pk 100 CEL1018 Please Login
Cuvettes 2mm Absorption Macro 200-2500 nm Each Z803227-1EA Please Login
CEL2028 Cuvettes 3.5ml Hellma PTFE Lid 10mm Path Length Each CEL2028 Please Login
CEL2048 Cuvettes 3.5ml Hellma Quartz 10mm Each CEL2048 Please Login
cel1034 Cuvettes 4.5ml Macro PMMA 10mm Disposable Pk 100 CEL1032 Please Login
cel1034 Cuvettes 4.5ml Macro PS Disposable Pk 100 CEL1030 Please Login
cel1034 Cuvettes 4.5ml PMMA 4 Window Disposable Pk 100 CEL1038 Please Login
cel1018 Cuvettes 5ml Macro PS 2 Windows Disposable pk 1000 CEL1010 Please Login
CEL2016 Cuvettes 7ml 20mm Path Absorbance/Transmission Glass Each CEL2016 Please Login
CEL1052 Cuvettes CLEARLine Macro 2-4ml PS Pk 1000 (10x100) CEL1052 Please Login
cel1034 Cuvettes Kartell Semi Micro PMMA 2.5ml Disposable pk 100 CEL1036 Please Login
CEL1062 Cuvettes Micro UV 850ul 2 Windows Disposable CEL1062 Please Login
Replacement Cuvettes 10ml with cap for Compact Meter Pk 5 PT555 Please Login


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