Dip slides for Microbiological Monitoring of surfaces | Trafalgar Scientific - Trafalgar Scientific Ltd


Description Price Quantity
scm Dipslides Ecoli PCA & MacConkey 3 Pk 10 SCM Please Login
scnt Dipslides PCA & MacConkey 3 Pk 10 SCN Please Login
rbs Dipslides PCA & RBA Pk 10 PCRB Please Login
bt2n Dipslides PCA with TTC Red Spot Dye pk 10 PC2Tq Please Login
scnt Dipslides Pk 10 SCNT Please Login
bv Dipslides Staphylococci/Entro Baird Parker/VRBGA Pk 10 BV Please Login
dipslide_bt3 copy Dipslides Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) Pk 10 56B000110 Please Login
bt2n Dipslides TP Pseudomonas Pk 10 TP Please Login
rbs Dipslides TSA with TTC & RBA for Y & M Pk 10 RBS Please Login
tv Dipslides TV Enterobacteriacea Pk 10 TV Please Login
bt2n Dipslides TVC on both sides Pk 10 BT2 Please Login
bt2n Dipslides TVC on Both Sides With Neutraliser Pk 10 BT2N Please Login
sct Dipslides TVC/Coliforms PCA/MacConkey Pk 10 SCT Please Login
pcv Dipslides TVC/Enterobacteriacea Pk 10 PCV Please Login
btm2 Dipslides TVC/Yeast & Mould Pk 10 BTM2 Please Login


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