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Dipslides PCA & MacConkey 3 Pk 10


A Plate Count Agar and MacConkey3 Agar; MacConkey3 is a coliform specific Agar that surpresses all non Coliform bacteria. The Coliform group includes most of the important causative organisums of food poisoning. The plate count agar gives general count of viable aerobic organisums. This slide offers a total count agar on one side and a coliform agar on the other, includes neutralisers for the most common germicides. This slide improves the recovery of sub lethally damaged organisums, which could cause problems if left, but which do not normally show up on culture plates because traces of disinfectant have been transferred. This slide is most useful for assesing the effectivness of cleaning procedures. This slide offers a toatl count on one side and a coliform count on the other.

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