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Health & Safety

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Description Price Quantity
SAF7422 Biobin 30ltr Orange Pk 10 SAF7422 Please Login
SAF7420 Biobin 30ltr Tiger Pk 10 SAF7420 Please Login
saf7294 Biobin 5ltr Orange Pk 6 SAF7432 Please Login
saf7294 Biobin 5ltr Yellow pk 100 SAF7434 Please Login
SAF8268 Can Safety 1L S/S Screw Cap SAF8268 Please Login
SAF8269 Can Safety 1L S/S With Spout SAF8269 Please Login
SAF8270 Can Safety 2L S/S Screw Cap SAF8270 Please Login
SAF8271 Can Safety 2L S/S With Spout SAF8271 Please Login
SAF8272 Can Safety 5L S/S Screw Cap SAF8272 Please Login
SAF8273 Can Safety 5L S/S With Spout SAF8273 Please Login
SAF8277 Drum S/S 10L Screw Cap SAF8277 Please Login
SAF8276 Drum S/S 10L Screw Cap SAF8276 Please Login
SAF8280 Drum S/S 10L With Low Tap SAF8280 Please Login
saf9638 Eclipse Burns Kit Standard Each SAF9638 Please Login
saf2404 Eye Wash Kit Station 2 x 500ml Sol+ 2 Eye Pad & Wall Bracket SAF9632 Please Login
saf2408 Eye Wash Station 2 x 500ml each SAF2404 Please Login
saf2408 Eye Wash Sterile Solution 500ml Pk 10 SAF2410 Please Login
saf2408 Eye Wash Sterile Solution 500ml Pk 2 SAF2408 Please Login
buc1100 Bucket 10ltr Stainless Steel Graduated Each BUC1100 Please Login
buc1100 Bucket 12ltr Stainless Steel Graduated Each BUC1104 Please Login
buc1100 Bucket 15ltr Stainless Steel Graduated Each BUC1108 Please Login
buc2016 Bucket 2.5ltr PP with Lid White pk 10 BUC2006 Please Login
buc2016 Bucket 5ltr PP with Lid White Pack 10 BUC2012 Please Login
BUC1200 Bucket 8ltr Stainless Steel with Handle Each BUC1200 Please Login


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