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Can Safety 1L S/S Screw Cap


The safety principal of the multi path container is based on the combination of the Davy’s lamp special stainless steel wire mesh and the lead fuse inside the screw cap or dispenser spout, along with a pressure relief valve fitted into the closure.

The Davy’s wire mesh flame arrestor is fitted into the spout. This allows air and liquid to pass, but prevents flames to enter the container. The mesh sieve is fixed into position by means of a split ring.

The lead fuse melts at approx. 60°C, ensuring vapours can escape and the container will not burst or explode.

In addition a separate pressure relief valve is inside the cap/dispenser spout.


- Tested by CNPP ( National Center of Prevention and Protection).

- In compliance with FM, TRbF 143 norms and with

dangerous materials transport regulations:

  • GGVS/ADR for road transport
  • GGVE/RID for rail transport
  • GGVSee for marine transport
  • ICAO-Ti for air transport

- UN certified (according to models).

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