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Cleaning Products

UN Classification
Price Range
min price
max price
Description Price Quantity
CLE9786 Cleanroom IPA/ DI IS05 Tub Wipes 8x8 PK12 CLE9786 Please Login
CLE1032 Decomatic 10L Machine Detergent CLE1032 Please Login
CLE1034 Decomatic 20L Machine Detergent CLE1034 Please Login
CLE1030 Decomatic 5L Machine Detergent CLE1030 Please Login
CLE1020 Decon 90 Detergent 1L CLE1020 Please Login
CLE1024 Decon 90 Detergent 20L CLE1024 Please Login
CLE1022 Decon 90 Detergent 5L CLE1022 Please Login
CLE1000 Decon Neutracon Detergent 1L CLE1000 Please Login
CLE1004 Decon Neutracon Detergent 20L CLE1004 Please Login
Detergent Decon 75 5Ltr CLE1012 Please Login
distel-trigene-advance-fragranced Disinfectant 500ml Spray Non Fragranced Clear pk 6 CLE1360 Please Login
156871 Disinfectant CHEMGENE HLD4L Concentrate 5ltr each 15126686 Please Login
distel_medical_eucalyptus_range_for_web Disinfectant Distel 1ltr Self Dosing Eucalyptus CLE1308 Please Login
TRI1366_1 Disinfectant Distel 5ltr Clear Laboratory Each TRI1366 Please Login
TRI1366_1 Disinfectant Distel 5ltr Non Fragranced each CLE1364 Please Login
TRI2004_1 Disinfectant Distel High-Level Trigger Spray 6x500ml TRI2004 Please Login
Disinfectant InSpec™ IPA Non-Sterile 1ltr Spray Bottle Pk 6 NSIPAWFI-1L Please Login
ipa Disinfectant InSpec™ IPA Sterile 5ltr Screw Cap pk 2 IPAWFI1-5LS Please Login
cle1490 Disinfectant Klorsept Tablets Pk 60 CLE1490 Please Login
cle1400 Disinfectant Presept Tablets 0.5g Pk 600 CLE1402 Please Login
cle1400 (1) Disinfectant Presept Tablets 2.5g Pk 100 CLE1406 Please Login
cle1580 Disinfectant Sterilium 1000ml Each CLE1582 Please Login
TRI1306_1 Distel/ Trigene RTU Trigger Spray 500ml Medical Pk 6 TRI1306 Please Login
distel_medical_eucalyptus_range_for_web Distel/Trigene Advance Medical Blue 5ltr each TRI1316 Please Login


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