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Balances & Scales

Price Range
min price
max price
Description Price Quantity
BAL5050 A+D BM-20 Microbalance 22g x 0.001mg BAL5050 Please Login
BAL5056 A+D BM-200 Balance 220g x 0.1g BAL5056 Please Login
BAL5052 A+D BM-22 Microbalance 5.1/22g x0.001mg/0.01mg BAL5052 Please Login
BAL5054 A+D BM-252 Balance 250 x 0.01mg BAL5054 Please Login
BAL5058 A+D BM-300 Balance 320g x 0.1g BAL5058 Please Login
BAL5060 A+D BM-500 Balance 520g x 0.1g BAL5060 Please Login
BAL8000 AnD HR-100A analytical balance 102g x 0.1mg external calibration BAL8000 Please Login
BAL8002 AnD HR-100AZ analytical balance 102g x 0.1mg internal calibration BAL8002 Please Login
BAL8004 AnD HR-150A analytical balance 152g x 0.1mg external calibration BAL8004 Please Login
BAL8006 AnD HR-150AZ analytical balance 152g x 0.1mg internal calibration BAL8006 Please Login
BAL8008 AnD HR-250A analytical balance 252g x 0.1mg external calibration BAL8008 Please Login
BAL8010 AnD HR-250AZ analytical balance 252g x 0.1 mg internal calibration BAL8010 Please Login
BAL2713 AnD Balance 1100g x 0.001g GF1000i BAL2713 Please Login
BAL2554 AnD Balance 1200 x 0.1g EK1200i BAL2554 Please Login
BAL2562 AnD Balance 12000 x 1g EK12000i BAL2562 Please Login
BAL4604 AnD Balance 1220gx0.01gm FX-1200i BAL4604 Please Login
BAL4600 AnD Balance 122gx0.001g FX-120i BAL4600 Please Login
BAL2704 AnD Balance 1250g x 0.01g GF1200 BAL2704 Please Login
BAL2550 AnD Balance 200 x 0.01g EK200i BAL2550 Please Login
BAL2556 AnD Balance 2000 x 0.1g EK2000i BAL2556 Please Login
BAL2706 AnD Balance 2100g x 0.01g GF2000 BAL2706 Please Login
BAL2700 AnD Balance 210g x 0.001g GF200 BAL2700 Please Login
BAL4601 AnD Balance 220gx0.001g FX-200i BAL4601 Please Login
BAL2552 AnD Balance 300 x 0.01g EK300i BAL2552 Please Login


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