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Duran 100ml Buchner Glass Flask+Plastic Connector


Heavy duty vaccum filtering flasks ("Büchner Flasks") with removable plastic sidearm for conection to vacuum tube. "GS" safety marked; made from DURAN borosilicate glass 3.3 to ISO 3585:1998; glass class 1 to USP, EP & JP.

Tightly controlled glass quality, wall thickness and geometry ensure high performance under vacuum giving long service; very resistant to chemical attack. Suitable for autoclave use. With marking label.Important - ensure glass condition is carefully checked before each use. Plastic sidearm diameter 9mm; spare parts FLA3940 & FLA3944.

Capacities up to 2 litres are Erlenmeyer (conical) form and conform to ISO 6556:2012; 3 litres and above are bottle form.

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