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Price Range
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max price
Description Price Quantity
Jars 250ml Clear Glass Wide Neck w/o Caps Pk 48 BJ250C Please Login
Jar Coplin Staining Glass with Lid 10 Slide each MIC6000 Please Login
Jar 60ml Wide Mouth Nalgene PMP Pk 4 JAR2104 Please Login
Jar 60ml Glass Wide Neck Without Caps Pk 72 BJ60C Please Login
Jar 60ml Clear with Black Cap Pk 72 BCJ60C Please Login
Jar 500ml Polymethylpentene (PMP) Wide Mouth pk 4 JAR2110 Please Login
Jar 500ml PP White with White Screw Cap ST Pk 36 OWA0500D Please Login
Jar 500ml HDPE Extra W/M plus Cap Insert Pk 50 290243 Please Login
Jar 3ltr Blue Lid PET pk 35 SLS7800 Please Login
Jar 265ml PP Snapsecure 62x90mm pk 144 JAR3008 Please Login
Jar 250ml PP White with White Wadded Cap No Label S PK 85 OWA0250D Please Login
Jar 250ml PP White with White Wadded Cap No Label NS PK 92 OWA0250A Please Login
Jar 1ltr Nalgene Straight Side Pk 4 2116-1000 Please Login
Jar 1550ml Wide Mouth Sterile Ind Wrapped Pk 45 202815B.O Please Login
Jar 120ml Glass Wide Neck Without Caps Pk 54 BJ120C Please Login
Hydrometer Jar 250x250mm Soda Glass Each HYD2008 Please Login
Honey Jars 375ml Sterile PET Plastic Cap Pk 100 CON7774 Please Login
Honey Jars 100ml Sterile Plastic Screw Cap Glass pk 150 CON7764 Please Login
Caps PP R3/38 With Liner Black Pk 100 BR338EPE Please Login
Jar 30ml Glass Wide Neck Without Caps pk 110 BJ30C Please Login
Caps R3/58 Screw Thread with EPE Liner Pk 100 BR358EPE Please Login
DURAN® Desiccator lids with knob DN 200 each 2441061 Please Login


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