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Test Tubes

Description Price Quantity
HS20341A Aluminum Test Tube Basket 6 x 6 x 6 HS20341A Please Login
HS20341B Aluminum Test Tube Basket 10 x 6 x 6 HS20341B Please Login
HALO pH Electrode for Vials and Test Tubes PHE3050 Please Login
TL11PSN Gosselin Round Base Test Tube Polystyrene 110 x 16mm (10mL) TL11PSN Please Login
RAC0008 Rack Tube HS Wire 33mm 5x10 format Each RAC0008 Please Login
10718692_GRP_A.JPG-650 Test Tubes 70 x 11mm PS 4ml Pk 1000 TES-140-020B Please Login
Test Tubes 125 x 16mm PP N/S Pk 1000 2024-001 Please Login
BG234_e3999ce5-bcc9-4ae3-b513-0dad11686468_480x480 Basket Autoclave 200mm Stainless Steel Cubed Each BAS5036 Please Login
Tubing PVC 6.5x1.5mm BxWall 1 x 30mtr TUB3104 Please Login


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