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Biochemical Identification Kits

Test Type
Pack Size
Test Strip Format
Pack Qty
Price Range
min price
max price
Description Price Quantity
MID-67 Microgen Listeria ID pk 20 MID-67 Please Login
md64 - 2 Microgen GN-ID A Panel. For the identification of the most commonly isolated Enterobacteriaceae MID-64CE Please Login
mid65a Microgen® GN-ID B For use as an additional 12 test system for the identification of Miscellaneous Gram negative and oxidase positive bacteria MID-65CE Please Login
thumbnail (3) Nitrate A Filled Vial 10ml Each MID61A Please Login
thumbnail (3) Nitrate B Filled Vial 10ml Each MID61B Please Login
thumbnail (3) VP I Filled Vial 10ml MID61C Please Login
thumbnail (3) VP II Filled Vial 10ml MID61D Please Login
thumbnail (3) TDA Filled Vial 10ml MID61E Please Login
mid62 Indole Kovacs Filled Vial 1 x 10ml vial MID61F Please Login
mid62 Oxidase Strips Pk 50 MID61G Please Login
mid62 PYR Reagent 10ml Each MID61K Please Login
Strep-ID Microgen® STREP-ID For the identification of Streptococci and Enterococci MID-62CE Please Login
rap01 Microgen® Rap-ID L.Mono. 4 hour confirmation of L. monocytogenes isolated on chromogenic agar plate media RAP01 Please Login
Bacillus-ID Microgen Bacillus ID. For the identification of mesophilic Bacillus species isolated from food materials and the environment. MID-66CE Please Login
Bacillus-ID Microgen Staph ID. For the identification of Staphylococci from clinical and veterinary samples. MID-69CE Please Login
Microgen® Mineral Oil MID61H Please Login
Microgen® Ninhydrin Reagent for Strep-ID kit MID61L Please Login


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