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Latex Agglutination Kits

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Campy latex Microgen® Salmonella - A rapid, latex slide agglutination test for the presumptive identification of Salmonella in selective and/or enrichment cultures or isolates taken directly from selective agars. Suitable for clinical and food use. M42CE Please Login
Legionella Latex Microgen® Legionella -for identifying Legionella pneumophila grown on selective medium. Identifies L. pneumophila Serogroup 1 and Serogroup 2-15. Also contains group latex for 10 other pathogenic species. Suitable for clinical and food/water use M45CE Please Login
staph-latex Microgen® Staph - for the identification of Staphylococcus aureus from primary plate culture M43CE Please Login
staph-latex-1024x635 Microgen® Staph - 500 test version of M43 M433CE Please Login
strep-latex-2 Microgen® Strep. – Latex agglutination reagents specific for groups ABCDF&G giving rapid detection and identification of the extracted antigens. Kit includes an enzyme reagent for rapid extraction of the carbohydrate antigens M47CE Please Login
Group A separate reagent M47ACE Please Login
Group B separate reagent M47BCE Please Login
Group C separate reagent M47CCE Please Login
Group D separate reagent M47DCE Please Login
Group F separate reagent M47FCE Please Login
Group G separate reagent M47GCE Please Login
Extraction enzyme reagent M47XCE Please Login
c-difficile-latex-3 Microgen® C. difficile - for identification of C. difficile from selective media. M41CE Please Login
E.coli latex Ecoli Latex Test Kit 50 Tests M44CE Please Login
F42 Salmonella Latex Kit Pk 50 F42 Please Login
Listeria latex CMYK Microgen Listeria Latex Kit Pk 50 F48 Please Login
Campy latex Microscreen® Campylobacter - A rapid latex slide agglutination test for enteropathogenic Campylobacter grown in enrichment broths or on selective plates. Kit contains sufficient buffer for stool testing. Suitable for clinical use. M46CE Please Login


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