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Colorex™ Chromogenic Candida 90mm PP Plates Pk 10


In recent years there has been an increase in the number of immuno-compromised patients, which has in turn led to an increased rate of infections associated with Candida species. There were 2151 reported cases of candidaemia in 2016 with C.albicans accounting for 42%, C.glabrata for 25%, C.parapsilosis for 9% and C.tropicalis for 3% of infections in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.(1)

COLOREX™ Candida was formulated specifically for the detection and isolation of clinically significant Candida spp. by means of colonial colour and morphology within 48hrs. COLOREX™ Candida allows for the recognition of a minor Candida population within a mixed population as well as the pre-dominant species thereby allowing for a patient specific treatment plan at the earliest possible opportunity. Most bacterial species will be inhibited due to the inclusion of chloramphenicol.

C.albicans – Green colonies

C.tropicalis – Metallic blue colonies

C.glabrata – Mauve to pink colonies

C.krusei – Large fuzzy pink colonies

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