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combitsart funner Combisart® Funnel Individual S/Steel Funnel Holder 1 x 500ml 16201 Please Login
meter Conductivity Meter FiveGO FE30 Each CON2504 Please Login
DG-18 Agar Base 500g CM0729B Please Login
F864918.jpg-650 D'NAse Test Agar 500g 263220 Please Login
fil2130 Filter Papers 185mm Whatman Grade 113V Folded Pk 100 FIL2132 Please Login
Filter Papers 47mm Whatman Grade GF/B Pk 100 FIL4210 Please Login
Flask 2ltr Erlenmeyer Narrow Neck Pyrex Pk 10 FLA4076 Please Login
Flask 500ml Round Bottom Borosilicate 24/29 Pk 10 8SFR500/B24 Please Login
download Letheen Agar Base Modified 500g 7495A Please Login
Listeria Palcalm Supplement (1 vial per 8ltr) Pk 10 IS/LM5-8 Please Login
Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) 500g 1.12535.0500 Please Login
SAF6422 Moldex 3105 AIR Series FFP2 valved Respirator size M/L SAF6422 Please Login
Needle Straight Wooden Handle Pk 1 INS4460 Please Login
Novobiocin/Cefsulodin Supplement (1 vial per 500ml) Pk 10 IS/SA3-A Please Login
PH Buffer 4 & 7 Combination Kit (5 Sachets of each) pk 10 HI-77400P Please Login
Pipette Tips 0.5-350ul Natural NS Bulk Pk 1000 790354 Please Login
Pipette Tips 10-1000ul Natural ST Racked Pk 960 PIP2070 Please Login
Pipette Tips 200ul Filtered ST Racked ART Pk 960 PIP4606 Please Login
Pipette Tips 50-1000ul Filtered ST Racked SafetySpace Pk 960 791001F Please Login
Pipettor 1000-10000ul Variable 1-ch Volac Each SVA-1000 Please Login
Polymyxin B for B/Cereus (Pemba) (1 Vial per 3.6litre) Pk 10 IS/BCH-36 Please Login
Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous A.R. (UN NR) 500g 1976-CO-01 Please Login
Starch Soluble (UN NR) 500g 3152-CO-01 Please Login
sti4000 Stirrer Bar PTFE Micro Blue 8 x 3mm Each STI4032 Please Login


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